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Range Rules & Scoring for Outdoor Competition 2023

1. Those choosing to enter the 2023 course competition must choose 1 of the following classes before entering the range:

     -Freestyle (No limits on sights, stabilizers, peeps, etc.)

     -Bowhunter (fixed pin sight, no magnification in sight or peep, total stabilizer length within 12" circumference of                the of the riser)

     -Traditional (recurve, longbow with no limits on sights, stabilizers, peeps, etc.)


     -No Crossbows Allowed

2. Scorecards must be exchanged, totaled, signed, and submitted before leaving the course.

3. Scoring is as follows:

     5 points: touching the body

     8 points: touching or within the vitals

     10 points: touching or within the 10 ring

     12 points: touching or within the 12 ring located above and below 10 ring; lower 12 is always in play, upper 12 must           be called prior to the shot or it will not be awarded. 

     14 points: touching or within the 14 ring located within the vitals; 14 must be called prior to the shot or it will not              be awarded.

     X: touching or within the X ring located in the center of the 10 ring; X's are used for tiebreakers and scored as 10 =           no extra points awarded for X. 

4. Shooters will have 2 minutes to shoot from each shooting line; time begins once the shooter straddles the line.

5. If shooters cannot agree on an arrow call, they may appeal to a range worker for official scoring; the call of the

range worker is official and final. Arguments, disputes, or belligerent behavior of any kind will result in immediate removal from the course. 

6. Range is open during good weather and/ or until it is too dark to operate safely and will close at the discretion of the range workers. All shooting and scoring must be complete by the time the range closes; there is no continuation. Range officials will give a 10 minute warning (when possible) to all shooters before the range closes. In the event of severe weather a 10 minute warning may not be possible and will result in the range closing immediately. 

7. At the end of your round, please turn signed score cards in at the booth. Your score will be entered into the season rankings and at the end of the season the top score in each class will be declared the class champion and a prize will be awarded to each class champion.

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