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Our Goal . . . 

At 2K Archery our purpose and passion is to let people know about the love of Christ

through the love of all things archery!


The Bible is FILLED with examples and illustrations involving archery. God uses these examples to reveal important truth and principles to us, if we’re willing to listen. That’s where 2K Archery comes in. 2K Archery is an archery organization started by archery nuts for archery nuts! Whether you’re a beginner or someone who is greatly accomplished in target archery, 3D archery, or bowhunting, our goal is to help you make sure that you don’t “miss the mark” when it comes to the most important target in life - your relationship with Jesus Christ. We’re not here to point fingers or to piously pontificate. But we are here to help you, we’re willing to pray for you, and if you’re willing . . . to let you know about Christ’s love for YOU!





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